DG - FEB 2021

Serenities Path is an easy yet comforting method to unbottle your anxious thoughts and concerns.  Before speaking to Nikki I held a lot of worries with regard to my daily life and insecurities.  Nikki is understanding, calm and interested in what you have to talk about, nothing is a sore subject.  After even my first session, I felt a massive weight off my shoulders.  Thank you Nikki, very thankful x

MS - DEC 2020

I recently decided to book some Walk and Talk Therapy sessions with Nikki. They have been like a breath of fresh air, literally.  She's provided me with a safe space to unpack and unpick my day to day stresses and dilemmas whilst having a refreshing hour's walk, surrounded by the soothing sights and sounds of nature.  Being able to do this with a non judgemental and compassionate companion has helped me enormously, helping me feel less isolated and also validated.   Sometimes its difficult and not helpful to burden those closest to you with your worries and anxieties but Nikki has made me feel comfortable to do so and as a result, although, I still have complex issues to deal with, I feel more able to deal with them.  I would definitely recommend Nikki and this type of therapy to anyone feeling stressed at the moment.

IJ - DEC 2019

Nikki is an experienced mental health professional with an empathetic approach to counselling and support.  I highly recommend Nikki.

DG - NOV 2019

I can certainly and happily recommend Nicki Davenports counselling service.  A very experienced lady wih a very calming way. She helped me so much and even has a Skype service.  Pet bereavement seems to be a speciality.  A more difficult time than many of us realise.

JW - OCT 2019

A massive thank you for helping me change the rest of my life.  Whilst working with you to improve my mental health through our walk and talk sessions it soon became clear my life needed "decluttering" .  Not only did you help me to realise this, your follow on service  - declutter - helped me so much by you pysically helping me declutter my small abode - room by room.  I am still amazed at what this whole experiance has done for my  mental health.

N Davenport | Email:  nicola.serenitiespath@gmail.com

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