A guiding hand of support

Nikki Davenport is a fully trained counsellor with thirteen years experience working in the Mental Health Sector both in the community and managing a team.


Nikki's realm of expertise extends to Counselling, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Hypnotherapy and Pet Bereavement Counselling.


Nikki understands that life can be difficult and challenging at times. As such, she approaches every person with empathy, a non-judgemental attitude, an understanding for confidentiality and a genuine passion to want to make a difference.


Do you suffer with -

·       Stress and Anxiety?

.       Fears and Phobias?

·       Depression?

·       Grief and Loss?

·       A Low Self-Esteem and Confidence?


Are you looking for ways to move forward?


With support and guidance, Nikki can help you identify strategies and solutions that will enable you to take control of your life.


In a relaxed environment, Nikki will work with you to understand your problems and help to provide a positive and clear focus for moving forward.


Nikki offers support face2face, telephone, email and online throughout the UK and is registered with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and fully insured.



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N Davenport | Email:  nicola.serenitiespath@gmail.com

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