About Me

I am a fully trained counsellor with thirteen years experience working in the Mental Health Sector, my realm of expertise also extends to Pet Bereavement, Mindfulness for Mental Health and Hypnotherapy. 

Like most, my life has been difficult and challenging at times. I am an empathetic person with a non -judgemental attitude and a genuine passion to want to make a difference.


With support and guidance, I can help you identify strategies and solutions that will enable you to take control of your life. In a relaxed environment, I will work to understand your problems and help to provide a positive and clear focus for moving forward.

Living in stunning Shropshire my 'me' time is spent walking in the beautiful countryside with my beloved dog Ava. 


I proudly sponsor Shrewsbury Morris, such wonderful people who bring so much joy and happiness wherever they go, jingle and dance.  

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