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Nicola is a compassionate highly skilled therapist who specialises in helping young adults/young people to overcome anxiety in depression through the transformative powers of walk & talk therapy and mindfulness.

With over a decade of experience in the mental health field, Nicola has developed a unique and effective approach for young adults / young people to find their footing amidst the challenges of life.

She believes that the key to overcoming anxiety and depression is to develop a deep understanding of oneself and tap into nature and mindfulness.

Through her compassionate guidance and attentive listening skills Nicola has helped many young adults/people & adults overcome their struggles and emerge as strong confident and resilient individuals. 

Whether you're dealing with social anxiety, performance anxiety, challenges at college or in the workplace, or struggling with depression or other mental health issues Nicola is here to help.

Nicola Davenport Minfullness therapy for young people
Walk and talk therapy in Shropshire
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