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Becoming a Pet Bereavement Counsellor

Having shared most of my life with my adorable pets I soon realised that saying that last goodbye was simply horrendous, a pain which is completely unimaginable and like nothing felt before.

I never really felt that others understood my pain and the odd flippant, insensitive comment “ it was just a …..” or “you can always get a new one” “at least your able to go on holiday when you like now, without the tie” – these comments were always unhelpful and very hurtful to the point I chose not to mention it and only confided in the few I really trusted to support me without judgement. My pets have always been a huge part in my life and family, a house is not a home without them.

The bond we have with our beloved pets plays such a special part in our lives providing unconditional love; friendship; trust; loyalty and an abundance of happiness. Our daily routines are a huge factor in our loss – the feeding, walking, shopping for the particular food are pets like, administering any medication they may need are all factors that shape our day to day life’s. Our pet’s routines can give purpose and structure to our days and in some cases, a sense of worth. If experiencing other difficulties in life the structure our pets give us can help keep us motivated and focused. Our pets are not influenced by our status, successes or failures, they are always happy to see us arrive and sad to see us leave and this love is unconditional.

Our social life and holidays are geared around our pets. Whether its sorting suitable pet care for when going away or choosing holidays which cater for your pets to come along and enjoy too, we are always prioritising and factoring our day to day life around the needs of our beloved animals. In fact, we often decline invitations to such events or holidays because we can’t find a suitable place for our pet to stay – because no love or fuss is as special as the love they get from their owners.

Our pets see us in every situation possible, naked, on the loo, without makeup, sad. They listen to our endless conversations and deliberations without interrupting once! They are there to cuddle on the settee at the end of the day and are usually the bed hogger!

The time following our pets death can be immensely lonely and I understand, my counselling is as individual as your grief.

Grieving for their loss, whether through passing, enforced separation, whether they’re stolen or have runaway, this can be traumatic. We all experience grief in different ways. I am here to help you cope, to help you adjust to your loss, and to be an understanding ear during this heartbreak.

Quotes from high profile pet owners who have suffered loss :

Tom Hardy “ Our souls intertwined for ever. Never ever forgotten. Your boy Tom “

Sue Perkins “cried until my skin felt burnt and my ears grew tired from the sound of it”

“ But my love for you was different. It filled those spaces that words cant get in"

Danny-Boy Hatchard “ My heart has been shattered into a thousand pieces. My precious baby boy Django has passed away. I am feeling beyond lost and am still heavily grieving. “

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